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Say NO to GMOs

Kyle Thiermann, professional surfer, activist, and filmmaker from Santa Cruz explains his views on the damaging effects of geneticaly modified food products. Check out SURFING FOR CHANGE to view is other projects and films.


This is a place where I post content from other individuals which inspire my creativity.


Experimenting with color

Phantom Miro with colored powder and morphsuits equals awesome visuals. Check out the making of the film here.

Two Words: Phantom Flex


Brain Farm Cinema always on the front lines with new cinema technology and weaponry.  

Lives of The Artists

This is a great Documentary on the lives of next level artists doing what they do best, creating to inspire.

Great Short Film

This is a great little short about a homeless man who hits the jackpot.

Doc series on the
Z-Flex Crew 

If you want to reminice on the good ole skateboarding days you will enjoy this episode Z-Flex

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