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Guerin & Emily's Day at the Pool Wedding

Buena Vista lives, and served as a pretty epic wedding location. Live shows by I.D.W.H.I and RAT BASTARD from the deep end along with some rad pool sessions and BBQ made for one great celebration. Congradulations Guerin & Emily! Take a look at some of the shots from the day.

Guerin wedding-3.jpg

ova the light, Guerin and I.D.W.H.I playing in the back

Guerin & Emily

Guerin wedding-9.jpg

Matt Birt clearing the stairs

Guerin wedding-16.jpg

Jimbo Phillips and his son Colby

Guerin wedding-15.jpg

IAN with RAT BASTARD in the background

Guerin wedding-11.jpg

Yvonne Falk getting the shots

Guerin wedding-14.jpg

Guerin getting some pool time

Guerin wedding-6.jpg


Guerin wedding-10.jpg


Guerin wedding.jpg
Guerin wedding-5.jpg
Guerin wedding-8.jpg
Guerin wedding-12.jpg

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